The Celtic Cross that marks the entrance to the Monterey Cemetery. We will begin our afternoon here.


Exploring Monterey’s Underground and Secret History

A Saturday afternoon Stroll with Sandy Lydon and Tim Thomas

This afternoon adventure will focus on the people and events that are often left out of typical histories of Monterey. We will begin in Monterey’s historic cemeteries and show you how to “read” the cemetery as well as introduce you to some of the communities and personalities who shaped the region’s history. We will then share some of the stories that you won’t find in the mainstream histories, and visit sites involving the local Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, and Italian communities.

Distance: The afternoon walk will be approximately four miles and, except for some hiking over the dunes, will be relatively level. We would estimate the walk as being of moderate difficulty.

Your guides

Sandy Lydon, Historian Emeritus, Cabrillo College, Aptos, has studied and written extensively on the history of the Monterey Peninsula, most notably writing about the Chinese and Japanese communities.

Tim Thomas, Monterey Bay Fisheries Historian, is a local Pacific Grove native who was the Historian at the Monterey Maritime Museum for many years. He has researched, written and lectured extensively on Monterey’s fishing communities. Tim is the co-author (with Dennis Copeland) of Monterey’s Waterfront published in 2006. Tim is working with the Monterey Japanese American Citizens League on exhibits and publications involving their history.

Tim Thomas and Sandy Lydon (both standing in back) with Japanese historians and family members in February 2006 receiving the gift of a jacket worn by abalone divers in Monterey. The jacket is now in the collection of the Maritime Museum in Montere

Tim and Sandy have been collaborating for over twenty years, beginning when they both were consulting for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In 2006 they co-chaired the First Annual Abalone Festival, and have traveled together in Japan doing research on the Japanese abalone diving communities that immigrated to Central California. In 2008, Tim and Sandy received a special award from the Historic Diving Society for their work in advancing the history of diving in California.

Saturday, February 19, 2011
12:30 to 5:00 PM
Fee: $40

Recommended Gear:

Comfortable walking shoes
Layers – weather in Monterey can be quite chilly (just ask Father Serra…)
Hat & Sunscreen
Snacks and liquids (there is also a snackbar directly across the street from where we’ll begin)
Possibly a small daypack/fanny back for your snacks and liquids


Please, no children under eighteen – this walk is designed for adults
Also, please have your cell phones set so they won’t ring during presentations
And, please leave your pets at home