BayWalk2, August 2010, on Fisherman’s Wharf,  Monterey, after completing the three day BayWalk.  Each received a certificate suitable for framing, along with a feeling of accomplishment.



Circumambulating (Most of) Monterey Bay

This is our third BayWalk adventure, and those successfully completing the walk will join a small (60 so far),  exclusive group of BayWalkers who have accomplished this life and perspective-altering experience.   

You may have thought about doing it, but never got around to it, nor figured out HOW to do it.  This is your chance.
After an important evening orientation to the adventure, on three successive Saturdays in May we will walk from New Brighton State Beach, Santa Cruz County, to Fisherman’s Wharf #2, in the city of Monterey.  It is a total distance of 30 miles and we will walk approximately 10 miles each day.
You will see places rarely visited except by the most determined adventurers.  From urbanized stretch of coastline such as that in Aptos, to the loneliest expanses of beach in Northern Monterey County. 

The Schedule:

Preliminary Orientation – Friday, April 29 – 7:00 – 9:00 PM – Cabrillo College, Aptos
Geology and History mixed with practical suggestions from previous BayWalks.
Hiking Day #1 – Saturday May 7, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM - From New Brighton State Beach to the Pajaro River – Approximately 10 miles. Including the By-the-Sea 1920s developments, coastal erosion, Camp McQuaide, and the Pajaro Dunes development story.
Hiking Day #2 – Saturday, May 14, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Between the Rivers – From the Pajaro to the Salinas – Approximately 10 miles.  Point of beginning and ending will depend on the river flow-levels, but we will visit Zmudowski State Beach, Moss Landing, and Mulligan’s Hill.
Hiking Day #3 – Saturday, May 21, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Salinas National Wildlife Refuge to Monterey.  World War II installations at Salinas River mouth, sand dunes, Lapiz Sand plant, the tough sands along the old Ford Ord coast, coastal development, and the Hotel Del Monte.  Approximately 10 miles. Note:  This day starts out in very difficult sand, but ends on the flat, easy sand adjacent to Monterey.  
You will not only gain a wider understanding of Monterey Bay and its coastline, you will also have a feeling of accomplishment. 
And you’ll join a select group of successful BayWalkers with a special certificate to show for it!
The Fee:  $150.00 per person if you register prior to March 15.  After that date the fee increases to $180.00.

The Fee includes:

Coffee and baked goods prior to each departure
Shuttles to and from your vehicle each day
Four days of instruction and adventure
Support vehicles that will carry your extra gear and lunches
Pre-printed maps and materials
Personally escorted by two of the region’s premier teachers
The moral support and encouragement of your fellow BayWalkers
An individualized certificate to those who successfully complete the journey

Warnings and Admonitions:  This is not a Walk in the Park!

Previous successful BayWalkers have suggested:
“Do some long beach walks ahead of time!”
“Get in shape!”
“Practice in the sand above the surfline!”
“Make sure to be physically well-prepared for hiking!”
“Be prepared to be awed by the Monterey Bay…”
“Start practicing in deep sand at least a month in advance….”
“Make sure to wear a hat and have good dark sunglasses…”
This may seem like a stroll on nice, hard sand, but it actually is a pretty tough series of 10-mile hikes some of which goes through some incredibly difficult, soft, sand.
Participants must be able to keep up with the pace of the group and also STAY with the group.  There will be numerous stops each day to do talk-story.  This is not a forced march, but there may be moments like it FEELS like one.
Patience!  You will need to adjust your pace to that of the group.  This is NOT a physical education class – it is geology and history – be prepared to stop and listen.
Don’t plan on anything that requires you to do anything physical on those Saturday evenings!  Set aside those Saturday evenings to decompress, relax, and soak your feet.


Check List for BayWalk3 – 2011

Day pack.  You should bring a day pack to carry liquid, snacks.
Lunch.  We will have a support vehicle carrying our lunches, so you can assemble one as elaborate as you wish.  Small coolers are fine.   
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSnack and Comfort Food  - Have some of your favorite snacks and comfort food to provide solace during the day.  Also carry some liquid refreshment.  There will be some in the support vehicles as well.   
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsComfortable Walking Shoes. Your feet are the most important element in this walk.  Comfortable tennis shoes, hiking boots, or whatever your feet will enjoy.  This is not the time to break in new shoes.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsMoleskin or Mole Foam.  Most drug stores have a Dr. Scholl’s case (foot care products).  Moleskin or Mole foam help to prevent/arrest  blisters.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSpare pair of clean socks – Recommended by many BayWalkers
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsLayered Clothing. It will be chilly in the morning, but warm in the afternoon.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSwim suit.  You may be tempted to throw yourself in the bay during one of our talk-stories.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsHat, Sunglasses and Wear White – All help with the sun.  
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsCamera. 
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsBinoculars.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSmall Plastic Garbage Bag.  Not only for the refuse that you create, but also for picking up stuff along the way.  Always leave the beach better than you find it.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSunscreen.  Your right arm and the right side of your face will be particularly vulnerable. 
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsToilet paper. Day #1 has a goodly number of restrooms along the way, but one can never be certain of there being toilet paper.  The second two days have fewer restrooms. Be prepared.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsCell Phones. Please have personal cell phones/pagers turned OFF.  (If you MUST carry on a telephone conversation during the day, please do so at some distance from the group. )
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsNo kids.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsNo dogs.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsNo smoking.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsBring lots of patience.  You are part of a group.