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BayWalk 9 Finishers. Monterey, October 8, 2016. The group gathered for their "photo finish" at the end of Fisherman's Wharf #2 before walking through Chinatown and Japantown back to receive their certificates and hats/t-shirts beside El Estero.


Lydon's BayWalk 10
Circumambulating (Most of) Monterey Bay

Three Saturdays, March 18; April 8; April 22

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary; The 25th anniversary of Sandy Lydon's first solo BayWalk
The 10th of Sandy Lydon's led BayWalks

This will be a special 10th BayWalk commemorating all of the above. Along with the usual heart-pounding slugging through the sand and historical re-orienting of the region, there will be special events along the way and at the series conclusion.

To honor these propitious events, we will design a brand-new BayWalk hat, t- shirt and sweat shirt.

You've always wanted to do this
You may have thought about doing it, but never got around to it, nor figured out HOW to do it.  This is your chance.

Fully supported and escorted
We don't just give you a map and send you on your way. This baywalk is personally escorted by the regiona's award-winning historian, Sandy Lydon. He will provide insights and side-tours from a lifetime in the region. He will solve mysteries and show you secret places you didn't even know existed.
You will see places rarely visited except by the most determined adventurers.  From urbanized stretch of coastline such as that in Aptos, to the loneliest expanses of beach in Northern Monterey County. 

We will walk an average of 10 miles each of the three days, sometimes a bit longer and sometimes a bit less depending on creeks and rivers. Aggregate total of 33 miles give or take.

The Schedule:

Hiking Day #1Saturday, March 18 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. From New Brighton State Beach to the vicinity of the Pajaro River – Approximately 11 miles including the stories of China Beach, Pot Belly Beach, and the By-the-Sea developments, Camp McQuaide and Palm Beach.
Hiking Day #2Saturday, April 8, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Between the Rivers. Approximately 13 miles if rivers permit. From the Pajaro to beyond the Salinas River. Zmudowski State Beach, Moss Landing, Mulligan's Hill, Salinas River, Lapis Sand mine to Marina State Beach. River conditions will determine the extent of the day.
Hiking Day #3Saturday, April 22, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Approximately 10 miles. Marina State Beach to Monterey. World War II installations, Stilwell Hall disappears, Fort Ord, Sand City, beach developments, Hotel Del Monte. This day begins in difficult sand adjacent to Fort Ord and ends in relatively easy sand and wide beach at Monterey. Day concludes with graduation and the distribution of certificates. 

You will not only gain a wider understanding of Monterey Bay and its coastline, you will also have a feeling of accomplishment. 
And you’ll join a select group of successful BayWalkers with a special certificate to show for it!
The Fee:  $165 per person

Suggestion: This would make a great Christmas gift! Give yourself one and a friend or significant other the other.

BayWalk10 would also be a great motivation for you to get out and start doing some serious physical training to start the new year!

The Fee includes:

Coffee and baked goods prior to each departure
Shuttles back to your vehicle after each day
A dedicated "car guard" at Zmudowski State Beach to insure your car's security.
Three days of instruction and adventure
Support vehicle that will carry your extra gear and lunches
Pre-printed maps and materials
The moral support and encouragement of your fellow BayWalkers
An individualized certificate to those who successfully complete the journey and the choice of a special commemorate hat or t-shirt.
Day-use parking fee at New Brighton on Day #1

How many BayWalkers can you stuff in a sand dredge? One of the highlights of Day #2 is being able to see the Lapis sand plant from the beach, up close the personal. That's the dredge that is dragged across the beach to gather up tons of sand each work day.

Annie Lydon handing out certificates and gear at the end of Day #3 in Monterey. She's the truckwagoneer who holds the entire adventure together.

Warnings and Admonitions:  This is not a Walk in the Park!

Previous successful BayWalkers have suggested:
“Do some long beach walks ahead of time!”
“Get in shape!”
“Practice in the sand above the surfline!”
“Make sure to be physically well-prepared for hiking!”
“Be prepared to be awed by the Monterey Bay…”
“Start practicing in deep sand at least a month in advance….”
“Make sure to wear a hat and have good dark sunglasses…”
This may seem like a stroll on nice, hard sand, but it actually is a pretty tough series of 10-mile hikes some of which goes through some incredibly difficult, soft, sand.
Participants must be able to keep up with the pace of the group and also STAY with the group.  There will be numerous stops each day to do talk-story.  This is not a forced march, but there may be moments like it FEELS like one.
Patience!  You will need to adjust your pace to that of the group.  This is NOT a physical education class, so be prepared to stop and listen.

No early exits. Because of distances and shuttle arrangements, once you're in it, you're in until it is over. There's no way (except by calling 911 and having you transported by emergency vehicle) you can arrive late or leave early.

We cannot guarantee that you'll be back to your car by 6:00 PM, so don't plan on being anywhere at 6:30! Don’t plan on anything that requires you to be anywhere or do anything on those Saturday evenings!  Set aside those Saturday evenings to decompress, relax, and soak your feet.

Check List for BayWalk 10

Day pack.  You should bring a day pack to carry liquid, snacks.
Lunch.  We will have a support vehicle carrying our lunches, so you can assemble one as elaborate as you wish.  Small coolers are fine.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsLabel everything! Coolers, cameras, lunch boxes, label everything.   
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSnack and Comfort Food  - Have some of your favorite snacks and comfort food to provide solace during the day.  Also carry some liquid refreshment.  There will be some in the support vehicles as well.   
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsComfortable Walking Shoes. Your feet are the most important element in this walk.  Comfortable tennis shoes, hiking boots, or whatever your feet will enjoy.  This is not the time to break in new shoes.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsBarefooted not recommended! Walking barefoot, particularly on remote beaches that are not maintained is dangerous.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsGaiters Some Baywalkers have found that gaiters helped to keep the sand out of their shoes.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsWalking Poles. Some experienced BayWalkers have found walking poles to be helpful.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsMoleskin or Mole Foam.  Most drug stores have a Dr. Scholl’s case (foot care products).  Moleskin or Mole foam help to prevent/arrest  blisters.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSpare pair of clean socks – Recommended by many BayWalkers
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsLayered Clothing. It will be chilly in the morning, but warm in the afternoon.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsHat, Sunglasses and Wear White – All help with the sun.  
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsCamera. 
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsBinoculars.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSmall Plastic Garbage Bag.  Not only for the refuse that you create, but also for picking up stuff along the way.  Always leave the beach better than you find it.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSunscreen.  Your right arm and the right side of your face will be particularly vulnerable. 
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsToilet paper. Day #1 has a goodly number of restrooms along the way, but one can never be certain of there being toilet paper.  The second two days have fewer restrooms. Be prepared.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsSmall handtowel and handiwipes! There are no paper towels, and you should disinfect.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsCell Phones. Please have personal cell phones/pagers turned OFF.  (If you MUST carry on a telephone conversation during the day, please do so at some distance from the group. )
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsNo kids.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsNo dogs.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsNo smoking.
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast SecretsBring lots of patience.  You are part of a group.